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Drawing a fishing net from the ocean.

It takes a lot of energy, commitment and time to pull out a net full of fish caught during a fish hunt on the high sea’s by local fisherfolk’s in Ghana. This is one of the indigenous occupations that involves a lot of dedicated team work. A team of highly skilled people( mostly men) goes fishing on the high sea at night and return at dawn with a high or low catch depending on the season of the year. They use their traditional fishing boats to bring their catch to a point where they call everyone one of the village to assist pull the catch in a net with a long rope to the shore where women of the village later buy them to sell either smoked or fresh at a nearby market. According to these local fisherfolk’s, it sometimes takes almost half a day to be able to draw the net full of fish caught from a point in the sea to the shore. I joined one of their pulls one morning to experience how it feels and it was not easy at all but i love their communal team work and songs.

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