Nyonkopa Eco Tours

Ghanaian Traditional Cooking Lessons

Learn to cook like a local Ghanaian during our exciting traditional cooking lessons.

A cooking lesson of a traditional Ghanaian meal of either jollof rice, red red, kelewele, banku & okra stew, fufu & palmnut soup, omotuo & groundnut soup and more. Make your own choice of the type of meal you would wish to cook and let organize them. Go shopping for ingredients of your chosen meal in a local open air food market together with your cooking instructor. Feel the excitement in picking the right ingredients for your traditional meal. Learn some local market shopping skills. Cook the meal in a Ghanaian style by watching your instructor do the lead cheffing. Ask questions while you are doing the cooking. Enjoy your own cooked delicious Ghanaian meal with a chilled fruits beverage that you made as well. Take videos and pictures for memories.


Cooking instructor fees.

Guest transit.


Always happy to customize the trip to suit your personal or group travel interest!