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The Ghanaian Woman And Bead

For ages, locally made beads (either glass or clay) has been a part of the Ghanaian woman. At birth, babies are adorn with beads around either their wrist, knees or waist. This is superstitiously believed to have some form of spiritual protection for the newly born in a lot of communities in Ghana. From infancy, the girl child is made to put on the waist bead as a way of differentiating her from the boy child. It is also a way of showcasing her femininity hence nurture her into a true womanhood in the society. There are different types and shapes of beads worn by the Ghanaian woman. There are some worn on the neck, wrist, waist, ankle and even the head sometimes. The Ghanaian woman wears a particular type or shape of bead to specifically suit an occasion. Above all, the waist bead is the most culturally worn bead because there’s a belief that it helps shape the hips of the adult Ghanaian woman into a curvy mode for good attraction to men (their husbands or boyfriends) and sometimes arouse their sexual feelings during love making.

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