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Harmattan in Ghana

Harmattan (dry season) also known as northeast trade wind is a climatic condition that Ghana among other West African countries experience. It is usually cold, windy with dust and humid. In Ghana, Harmattan starts from late November to mid March every year. The effect of Harmattan on people includes skin dryness, dry and itchy throat, […]

Fantasy Coffins Made in Ghana

The image shown is a rooster designed coffin purposely built to bury a deceased who was a poultry farmer while alive. These kinds of coffin designs were traditionally common among the Ga-Dangme ethnic group of Ghana but are now a popular tradition across Ghana. The deceased is buried in an aesthetic coffin designed to suit […]

Trotro’s in Ghana

Commercial vans popularly known as ”TroTro”, are a cheap way of commuting and most of the locals preferred means of transportation in Ghana. They are common to find on the roads in Accra and other big towns. Traditionally, a four seater minivan like Toyota Hiace carries three people on a seat at ago whereas a […]

Locally Brewed Beverages in Ghana

A taste of any of our local brewed beverages is as refreshing as the morning dew of our tropical forest. Some of these traditional or home-made beverages (both alcoholic and non alcoholic) brewed in Ghana includes but not limited to Asaana, Lamugee, Pito, Torsie, Sobolo and Palm Wine. Pito is mostly popular in the northern […]

Paying For Goods And Services in Ghana

Ghana is a country where almost every transaction is done using cash. This means that paying for essential consumables like bottle water from the streets to settling an expensive hotel bills requires cash. Whereas the west is familiar with card payments, it is very rare in Ghana. However, It is only on limited occasions where […]

Breakfast on the streets of Ghana

There are variety of breakfast meals to lay hands on in Ghana. The commonest to find at almost every corner of the street are waakye (mixed rice and beans cooked with sorghum leaves to give it reddish brown color) eating with shito (hot black pepper), spaghetti, gari and other sides of ones choice. Hausa Koko […]

Taxis in Ghana

Taxis are very common everywhere in Ghana especially in the cities and big towns. A lot of these taxis offers drop off services meaning you will privately charter to your destination at a fee sometimes negotiable. There are others that offer shared services, where a required number of four passengers (one at the front seat […]

The Ghanaian Woman And Bead

For ages, locally made beads (either glass or clay) has been a part of the Ghanaian woman. At birth, babies are adorn with beads around either their wrist, knees or waist. This is superstitiously believed to have some form of spiritual protection for the newly born in a lot of communities in Ghana. From infancy, […]