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Paying For Goods And Services in Ghana

Ghana is a country where almost every transaction is done using cash. This means that paying for essential consumables like bottle water from the streets to settling an expensive hotel bills requires cash. Whereas the west is familiar with card payments, it is very rare in Ghana. However, It is only on limited occasions where you will find some big hotels, restaurants and malls accepting card payments. This events only happens at some few hotspots in Accra and other big towns like Kumasi, Cape Coast and Takoradi. Having cash, preferably smaller denominations on you during your holidays in Ghana will ease any headache of “we are sorry, we don’t accept card here”. Contrary, there is an electronic method of payment known as “Mobile Money” which is widely popularizing the country. A lot of businesses are now accepting payments from this platforms. They are operated by the mobile telecommunication networks and can be linked to ones bank account locally. One best way to use this method of payment is to get a local sim to use or have one of those trusted money transfer platforms that you are familiar with and can send money direct to a mobile money account here in Ghana. Ghana is not a country where tipping is mandatory but giving something appreciable to your service attendant for an excellent service offered may bring joy to someone.

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