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Locally Brewed Beverages in Ghana

A taste of any of our local brewed beverages is as refreshing as the morning dew of our tropical forest. Some of these traditional or home-made beverages (both alcoholic and non alcoholic) brewed in Ghana includes but not limited to Asaana, Lamugee, Pito, Torsie, Sobolo and Palm Wine. Pito is mostly popular in the northern parts of Ghana and it is brewed from millet or sorghum into a fine smooth beer. It sometimes become strong (alcoholic) when left to ferment for a long period during brewing. Also,  Palm Wine which is popular in the southern parts of Ghana is brewed by tapping the palm tree whereas further distillation process can be applied to produce a natural spirit (raw alcohol) called Akpeteshi. Our local beverages used to be served in a clean healthy calabash from the gourd tree but are currently being served in a plastic disposal cups due to the massive introduction of plastic bag usage in the country recently. Interestingly, our local drinks have some of the best taste in the world.

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