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Breakfast on the streets of Ghana

There are variety of breakfast meals to lay hands on in Ghana. The commonest to find at almost every corner of the street are waakye (mixed rice and beans cooked with sorghum leaves to give it reddish brown color) eating with shito (hot black pepper), spaghetti, gari and other sides of ones choice. Hausa Koko (fermented millet dough and natural spice cooked in a liquid-ish style) eating with either koose (blended mixture of pre soaked beans, onions, chili pepper and other spice fried in oil), bofrot (puf puf) or white bread with other sides like roasted groundnut (pea nut), milk, sugar or honey. Of-course you find other breakfast meals like egg and toast with tea, oatmeal, tom brown, rice water (broken rices cooked in liquid-ish style) and many more. Since breakfast is considered an important meal of the day, don’t forget to try either of the above traditional dishes and give your comments.

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