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Taxis in Ghana

Taxis are very common everywhere in Ghana especially in the cities and big towns. A lot of these taxis offers drop off services meaning you will privately charter to your destination at a fee sometimes negotiable. There are others that offer shared services, where a required number of four passengers (one at the front seat and three at the back seat) are on-board at a time usually running from one destination to another or vice versa. However, there are some locations in Ghana where passengers on-board maybe six or more (two at front seat and the rest at back seat) at a time due to scarcity of commercial vehicles. Also, there are instances where you may find children siting on the laps of their parents or wards purposely to minimize cost. Most of the cars used as taxis in Ghana do not have a working air condition unless they are newly registered (even not all times). Taxis feels a little comfortable compared to trotro’s especially when you charter them privately and you do not have to share with other passengers. Taxis in Ghana have yellow painted colors at all four corners above the tires with a cap boldly written TAXI on top. Their vehicle registration number plates are also yellow colored. Some taxi drivers can be polite whiles others can be rude without paying much attention to passengers needs. Additionally, if you want to charter a taxi for a drop off please ask of the price of the fare before you hop in the car. This is to makes sure the driver’s offered price is fair and reasonable enough to go with your budget and if it does not, do bargain to settle at a price fair to you. If the driver do not agree upon further negotiation please let them go and look for another taxi that come with a reasonable price. Do share you experience next time you use a taxi in Ghana.

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